Ryc Today

Having retired last June and after considerable delays relating to the Land Registry and legal problems over Easements on our new home in Ledbury (built adjacent to a redundant pub called the Ring of Bells – we are actually in the car park) we eventually took up residence in mid August. Although a brand new property there were the inevitable ‘ingoing works’ and anyway, the ecclesiastical advice is that one does nothing for at least six months. However, recently my Permission to Officiate has come through from the Bishop of Hereford and so I had to write the attached for the parish magazine.

We are loving it here. The walking is spectacular as the Malverns are immediately to east from the tops of which we can see over Gloucester and the Cotswold escarpment and Worcester as well as west to the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons. At the back of the house is the site of the former cattle market where there is now a cottage hospital and a couple of medical surgeries as well as a small theatre so within a hundred yards of the backdoor I can see a relay from Covent Garden, have a consultation with the GP or get an xray and by going another fifty yards, be at the gym and swimming pool. The High Street is within a similar distance with numerous pubs and eateries to say nothing of three butchers! Not bad for a town of less than 12 thousand people! We are some ten minutes drive from the M50 and there is a railway station which connects to Hereford, Worcester and London. The place is very friendly and the church beautiful so, as the young would say, what’s not to like?