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Congratulations! Tim would love to talk with you about the greatest day of your life and help prepare you for your marriage.  You will be welcome to marry in our church whatever your beliefs, whether or not you have been baptised or whether you go regularly to church.  People who have been divorced are also most welcome to enquire about being married in St. Andrew's Church.

At St. Andrew's we welcome anyone who would like to have their child christened. Family, friends and Godparents are all welcome to join us on this important occasion where babies, children and sometimes adults start on a journey of faith through baptism, encouraged by parents and Godparents and with the support of the local church community.  Christening services are often 'free standing' services, following the main morning service at 12 noon.  But it's also a great delight when a family decides that it's appropriate to have their child baptised during the Sunday 10 a.m. service.

A funeral marks the end of a life on earth and provides an opportunity for friends and family to share in their grief. The Anglican Church in Guernsey is flexible in the way it allows mourners to express their feelings.  Feel free to discuss the matter with Tim, who will be sympathetic and offer any help that you may require. 


Baptisms (Christening)

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